The fairgrounds are generally easy to get to from the highway, so it’s easy to funnel people in en masse for a good auction - best to be there early if you want to up your chances of a good time. It can be a little bit of a hike from the auction to your car, so consider that when you are loading up on stuff. The parking spaces are paved, and that’s always a plus when you consider how many places have you park directly on the grass.

Most of the auctions at the Frederick County Fairgrounds are hosted by one of three auction houses. This time around, there was a preview for an auction for a good variety of mid-century modern stuff - a lot of it wasn’t necessarily easy to identify, so I either raked in a valuable haul...or I blew my money on junk. I guess we’ll see. It’s interesting to view an assemblage of really cool designs spread across the tables and think about the collector who also found value in these items. I always like being able to pop out the gems and get them to another individual who will appreciate them just as much.

This time around, the auction was the estate of a late illustrator, who was clearly a fan of unique furniture pieces. There were a couple interesting chairs set up with the rest of the items, but I think the fact that these were potentially valuable pieces being sold might have been lost on some of the crowd - I saw more than a few people sitting in them. True, there aren’t a lot of chairs at auction (hence a previous pro-tip being to keep your own on hand), but you can always sit on the edge of tables as they clear up. It’s bad form to sit on the items the auction house is trying to make a profit off of.

This was 100% my kind of auction, lots of unique items and very little competition for them. I’m a sucker for interesting design and mid-century ceramics and made some awesome picks - stay tuned for more about those.

Awesome food court, I actually had a crab cake sandwich and it was excellent. It’s always good to A: have an option other than hotdogs, and B: have those options not leave me thinking that hot dogs are probably the better choice. Since I was already digging the auction itself, this was just a bonus. Aside from the deals, there is also a farmer’s market that fires up around 10. Definitely impressed.

Depending on what else is going on at the fairgrounds that day, parking can be a little tight. Make sure to get in early enough so you can score a parking spot close enough so you’re not spending too much time hauling your finds to the car when you could be winning some more.


Medium. The potential depends on the auction, really.