Kenny’s Auctions was a super cool, old-school auction house. It was very well run and (underrated bonus!) there was plenty of parking.

If it looks like a rainy day, be prepared to be bidding on soggy goods outside, as the lower end box lots are sold in the parking lot that is uncovered. Ah, the smell of moist cardboard….

Ah, the smell of moist cardboard….

Kenny’s draws in most of the estate business in the area and moves through items quickly.  Inside the house, auctions have a big screen in the corner. This is a nice plus, so sitting is comfortable and you don’t have to try and sneak a peek at items if there is a tall person in front of you.

In terms of excellent finds, I scored myself a very valuable Walkman with headphones at Kenny’s - look for my separate post about it here. It did seem like a good number of the bidders weren’t fully aware of the value of some of the items around them. This can definitely be a great boon to the informed bidder



Pro tip

All the regulars brought a seat cushions with them to both reserve their seat for the main auction. The only available seating is metal chairs - so this isn’t a half-bad idea.