Definitely one of the more clean and well-organized facilities – which wasn’t surprising considering that this was a newer facility. Nothing too terribly unique, but a lot of what you’d expect from your local Goodwill. Though, I found one section where all the housewares are arranged by color which is a different approach, and visually kind of cool.

In regards to the overall arrangement, there was a nice array in the front for the higher-priced items. If you’re looking to waste an afternoon wandering around racks of recycled clothing and mismatched china, you could do much worse. Considerably cheap pricing compared with other Goodwills in larger cities, so it’s definitely worth a walk-through. Not a bad place to spend a couple hours.


Medium, some good finds here new.  I picked up a new in the box 1:24 scale Maisto diecast toy and a super cheap Thin Man DVD box set that will all resell for many times what the sticker price was.  Highly trafficked, though, so the competition for the choicest finds might be fierce.